Dreams and Achievement Poems

Our inspirational poems about achievement include free retirement poems which can be used for principal retirement poems, teacher retirement poems or any other retirement occasion.

Also included is a poem for winners and one titled Reach For Your Dreams.

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Dreams and Achievement Poems List

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Reach For Your Dreams

This life is yours

Take the power to choose what you

want to do and do it well

Take the power to love what you

want in life and love it honestly

Take the power to control your own life . . .


Winners are everyday heroes.

Winners take their dreams seriously.

Winners never give up

and won't let you give up either.

Winners have attitude . . .


Never stop reaching for more.

Do more than exist - live

Do more than touch - feel . . .


Retirement is time to consider with pride

the achievements you've worked for and earned,

To realize all of the ways you have grown

and to treasure the lessons you've learned.

Retirement is time to remember so fondly . . .