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Here we have poems for my brother, a poem for my little brother or one for a big brother.

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My Special Brother

It takes many special qualities

To make a brother like you,

A lot of care and kindness

And understanding, too . . .

To My Brother

Brother is a lovely word

that always brings to mind

memories of the happiest

and very warmest kind . . .

My Dear Brother

Dear and precious brother

You're more than words can say.

You just keep getting dearer

every passing day . . .

To My Brother(2)

It really would be wonderful

To be with you each day...

To laugh with you,

And talk with you,

And pass the time away . . .

My Brother

Sometimes you are a mirror image of me,

Beside me in times of trouble you will always be.

Sometimes we may get into a fight,

But most of the time everything is alright . . .