Daughter Poems

Here we have several free poems to daughters.

Our poems for daughters can be used as a poem from mother to daughter, a poem from father to daughter or from both parents. We also have a few inspirational type poems about daughters and a few for daughter-in-law.

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Daughter Poems List

Shown below is the title and the first few lines for each of our free daughter poems.

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Daughters Are Special

Daughters are the joy

of a mother and father's heart,

beauty and sweetness

describe them from the start . . .

My Special Daughter

It takes many special qualities

To make a daughter like you,

A lot of care and kindness

And understanding, too . . .

My Daughter

The sunshine of your precious smile

could melt the coldest heart.

It brightens up my dreary day

when we are far apart.

The memory of your little hand

holding mine so tight . . .

To Our Daughter

No words could ever tell you

or show the full extent -

Of what a special Daughter you are

and what you've always meant . . .

To My Daughter

Daughter is a lovely word

that always brings to mind

memories of the happiest

and very warmest kind!

Thoughts of you bring memories

for, through each passing year . . .

To Our Daughter-In-Law

To know you is to love you

and it wasn't long at all,

'Til you became a "daughter" . . .

To My New Daughter

Parents are very careful

when making choices for their son.

But sometimes a child makes choices

not always number one.

But I'm glad he chose you

to be his partner forever . . .