Friendship Poems

There are several friendship poems from which to choose below.

Most can be used for best friends forever poems, inspirational friendship poems or just simply a best friends poem. There also are a few short friendship poems.

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Friendship Poems List

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My Friend

There are many things I hold dear.

Things I value and things I love.

Your friendship is something

I will always treasure . . .

My Special Friend

It takes many special qualities

To make a friend like you,

A lot of care and kindness

And understanding, too . . .

My Dear Friend(1)

Your friendship has helped me grow.

Your encouragement has helped me

gain confidence in myself.

Knowing someone as caring as you has

made me more sensitive to the needs of others . . .

The Miracle Of Friendship

There's a "miracle" called Friendship,

That dwells within the heart

And you don't know how it happens

Or when it gets its start . . .


Friendship is the comfort

of knowing there is always

a shoulder to lean on . . .

My Dear Friend(2)

Once in a while someone comes along,

someone who just naturally makes everyone

feel a little happier, a little more alive to life.

You've been that someone to me . . .