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Grandmother Poems List

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Grandmother . . .

It's not the things that can be bought

that are life's richest treasure,

It's just the little heart gifts

that money cannot measure . . .

A cheerful smile, a friendly word,

a sympathetic nod . . .

Dear Grandma

When I am with you, we always have fun,

You make me feel I'm your special one!

I can tell by the kindness in your smile,

You recall how things look through the eyes of a child . . .


From the time I was

a little kid I remember

how much fun

it was to be with you

and how easy it was

to talk to you . . .


Who'd try to give me all the world

As far as I could see?

Who always has two open-arms

And smiles just made for me . . .

My Grandmother

A Grandmother as dear as you

makes life more special.

Although the years in passing

have a way of changing things.

They'll never change the love . . .

Dear Grandma(2)

It's so much fun when I'm with you!

You have great things for us to do.

I'll bet that you look back and see

When you were little just like me . . .

A Grandmother Is Love

A grandmother has a lovely way

of bringing joy to every day

by finding thoughtful things to do

to show the love she has for you . . .

A Grandmother

A grandmother holds

her grandchildren's hands . . .