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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime you find someone special,

Your lives intermingle and somehow you know . . .

All I Want Is You

I'll tell it rather simply;

I'll say it plain and true-

A single thing is all I want

And all I want is you . . .

I Love Thinking Of You

I love looking back to where we began,

seeing us as we were at the beginning . . .

I Love You

You're such a special part of me

as loving and caring as you can be . . .

A Love Of My Own

I would rather have someone to love me,

A spirit my heart could embrace . . .

It's Easy

You mean a lot to me,

It's hard to say, you see . . .

Will You Love Me When I'm Old?

Life's morn will soon be waning,

And it's evening bells be tolled,

But my heart shall know no sadness,

If you'll love me when I'm old . . .


The joy that a husband and wife

find together is part of God's wonderful plan . . .

What Is Love?

Love is the way that our lives intertwine.

Love is the feeling of your hand in mine . . .

You're The One That I Love

You touch my life with so much love,

In your own gentle way. . .

Your trust and your belief in me

Support me, day by day. . .

My Heart Is Yours

Time may change a lot

of things in our lives . . .

Love Is

Love is what I feel each time

you smile or touch my hand,

Love is how we know

each other's thoughts and understand . . .

A Better Place

They say that love

can change the world . . .

I'll Love Only You

As long as I live,

and with each day we share,

I'll do anything for you . . .

In Love

Until you came into my life,

I never really knew . . .

My Loving Wife

With you is where I want to be,

Together for all the world to see . . .

I'm Glad You're My Wife

You are the light in my life,

I'm proud to say that you are my wife . . .

These Are The Keys To A Loving Lasting Relationship

~ Enjoy!

~ Love one another with all your hearts.

~ Give more than you take.

~ Don't ever take your relationship for granted . . .

My Love

Maybe it's old-fashioned

to think that everyone

has one perfect love . . .

My Loving Husband

It's you who filled my life with joy,

It's you who helped to make

my dreams come true . . .

My Loving Wife

It's you who filled my life with joy,

It's you who helped to make

my dreams come true . . .

My Loving Husband

You're everything

there is to me . . .

My Loving Wife

You're everything

there is to me . . .

My Love

If I had a single flower

for every time I thought of you . . .

To A Very Special Person

Once in a while someone comes along,

someone who just naturally makes everyone

feel a little happier, a little more alive to life.

You've been that someone to me . . .

Our Special Friendship

Friendship is the comfort

of knowing there is always

a shoulder to lean on . . .