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In our assortment of poems for a mom you will find poems for Mother's Day for kids or adults, poems from a daughter to mom, poems from a son to mom and some are short Mother's Day poems. We also have a Mother of the Bride poem and a Mother of the Groom poem as well as various mother-in-law poems.

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Mother Poems List

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Only One Mother

Millions of stars in the heavens above,

Only one mother to cherish and love . . .


Words aren't easy

when feelings run deep . . .


I am what I am.

I have chosen my path, set my own future,

but all that I am, I owe to you Mom . . .


Each day I get older and perhaps

a bit more wise,

And Mom, the more I understand

the more I realize . . .

What Is A Mother?

A mother is someone who's always around

when you're stuck for some friendly advice.

A mother is someone who knows how you feel

and who'll help you without thinking twice . . .


Doing special favors

In a dozen different ways

Looking out for others

With no thought of thanks or praise . . .


Nothing else can compare,

to the happiness I find,

in the comfort of my Mother -

that's the warm and lasting kind.

A love that's based on caring thoughts

and gentle trusting ways,

moments shared, both good and bad,

and words of love and praise . . .


I wish there was a way to repay you

for all you've done for me . . .

My Special Mother

It takes many special qualities

To make a mother like you,

A lot of care and kindness

And understanding, too . . .

I Love You, Mom

It would be nice if life didn't get

quite so busy and I could see you

as often as I'd like . . .

But in a way, Mom, you are

with me every single day . . .


To one who bears the sweetest name,

and adds luster to the same . . .

Dear Mom

There is that special person

who has brought such joy to me . . .

My Mother

Who gave me life and held my hand

and caught me when I fell . . .

Why God Created Mothers

When God created Mothers,

He made two loving arms

To cradle us and shelter us

from the worldly harm . . .

A Mother

A mother holds

her children's hands . . .

Mean Mother

A mean mother never allows candy or sweets

to take the place of a well balanced meal.

A mean mother insists on knowing

where her children are at all times . . .

Number One Mom

Who gave me love and guidance?

Who showed me wrong from right?

Who was there when I needed confidence?

Who tucked me in at night?


As the years go by, the reasons become

more clear why God gave me you as my mother . . .


The greatest gift

I ever had came from God . . .


You filled my days with rainbow lights,

Fairy tales and sweet dream nights . . .

A Mother(2)

Her hands reach out to comfort

when she hears the cry

Her gentle loving touch

will wipe the tears all dry . . .

To My Dear Mother-In-Law

Did you ever really know the job

that was in store

When you were helping your son to grow

Midst diapers, toys & more . . .

To My Mother-In-Law

You are the mother I received

the day I wed your son,

and I just want to thank you mom

for all the things you've done . . .

My Mother-In-Law

You have given me a precious gift

with whom I share my life.

You raised in love the little girl

that now I call my wife . . .

Our Mother

Mother-in-law they say, and yet

somehow I simply can't forget

'twas you who watched his baby ways

who taught him his first hymn of praise . . .

Mother Of The Bride

The wedding is over and the mother of the bride

walks slowly to her daughter's room and quietly steps inside . . .

Mother Of The Groom

You are the mother I'll receive

the day I wed your son,

and I just want to thank you Mom

for all the things you've done . . .

Always A Mother, Always A Friend

Always a Mother . . .

someone who cares for

you and about you all

through your life . . .