Parent Poems

We have a few poems for parents which are in addition to our Mother Poems and Father Poems categories.

Also included are poems for parents-in-law.

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Number One Parents

Who gives me love and guidance?

Who shows me wrong from right?

Who's there when I need confidence?

Who tucks me in at night . . .

Dear Mom and Dad

I wish there was a way

to repay you for all

you've done for me . . .

Mom & Dad

You've helped me

through good times and bad times,

comforted me and given me support

when I needed it,

and always encouraged me to be

the best person I could possibly be . . .

Mean Parents

Mean parents never allow candy or sweets

to take the place of a well balanced meal.

Mean parents insist on knowing where their

children are at all times, who their friends are

and what they do . . .

To My New Parents

You are the parents I received

the day I wed your son,

and I just want to thank you both

for all the things you've done . . .

My New Parents

You have given me a precious gift

with whom I share my life.

You raised in love the little girl

that now I call my wife . . .